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Fixed Income
April 2022

What to Expect from Russia & Ukraine Bonds?


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What is the probability that Russia will default after 25 May 2022? And Russian Corporates will continue to pay their external debt?

This is the big theme Emerging Market Debt investors are discussing with investment mangers. No surprises that there is lots of research and live updates on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on EM bond investors inside RFPnetworks.

Thought Leaders
Emerging Market Debt
Thought Leaders
Emerging Market Debt

The Case for Local Currency Emerging Markets Debt

An allocation to high-quality, developed market government bonds continues to play an important role in reducing the volatility of a well-diversified portfolio. However, there is no getting away from the fact that, despite recent rises, yields in developed country bond markets are low by historical standards and often fail to compensate even for relatively modest projections for inflation. Given the secular forces that have led to the long-term decline in equilibrium real interest rates, this situation is likely to persist. An allocation to Emerging Markets Debt (EMD) can complement traditional fixed income by enhancing long run returns and acting as an important diversifier within global portfolios.
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