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Using asset manager SWOT analysis

Each asset management company faces their own specific challenges to AuM growth. Understanding these challenges is the first step to building a robust and repeatable asset winning strategy. Here we compare four groups of asset managers along the AuM spectrum and highlight how they use RFPnetworks to hit their AuM growth target.
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December 19, 2023

Emerging Asset Managers

Emerging Investment Managers are often spin-outs from larger firms, managing one main product. They have limited sales and marketing resources and are too time-constrained to pro-actively raise assets.

What makes asset raising even harder for emerging managers is the reluctance of the majority of investors to seed or invest in small new firms. Their challenge is finding initial investors.
Emerging Managers use RFPnetworks to start building a presence, brand familiarity and get meetings with our hard-to-access global investor community. And pitch for searches relevant for them.

To help them win their first clients, we provide advice on how to start their digital marketing strategy, and get maximum exposure with a limited budget.
By using RFPnetworks, Emerging Managers get noticed, gain traction, and can start closing their first major deals sooner.

Boutique Asset Managers

Boutique Asset Managers usually have multiple products within a specific sub-asset class (e.g. Asia Equity). Their asset base facilitates a dedicated sales and marketing person, based at HQ, doing fly-in/out meetings with investors.

What makes asset raising hard for boutiques is threefold: Covering the potential clients; building credibility with large investors; and competing against established names.

RFPnetworks helps boutique asset managers get noticed by more investors in more countries. It also gives them access to searches which they easily could have missed. Our tools and advice helps them build the credibility they need, and outsell their larger competitors.

By using RFPnetworks, Boutique Managers learn how to win. We help them identify their strengths, beat the competition, and put them in front of relevant investors.

Global Asset Managers

Global Asset Managers manage products across various asset classes, often known for specific themes (e.g. Quant Equities) or asset class specialties, (e.g High Yield, loans and CLO's).

Their scale permits small local offices in core countries (e.g. Germany), that cover the wider region (e.g. DACH), lightly staffed with one or two sales people.

What makes asset raising hard for Global Asset Managers is their mid-sized nature. They have to out-sell entrepreneurial bluechip boutiques. And compete against even larger firms who have setup local offices many years earlier and have larger local teams.

To win more searches, they need to raise their digital game. They need to get noticed by more investors in more segments and leverage their local presence to dig deeper into the local market investor base.

By using RFPnetworks, Global Managers can widen and deepen their local coverage, and leverage their local presence to win more deals.

Largest Asset Managers

The Largest Asset Managers have products for everything, and often serve a large local asset base with large local offices.

Their challenge is getting more investors to focus on more of their products and solutions. But this is also a challenge for investors. With so many products, it is hard to know exactly where their strengths lie. As such, the largest asset managers may not receive the first call from investors.

To win more searches, the largest asset managers have to overcome their own success. Too many products and too much content on too many subjects can lead to diluted messaging and missed opportunities,

By using RFPnetworks, the Largest Managers can bring back focus to their product palette. Create campaigns for specific products that deserve investor attention. Or present solutions to problems being faced by investors. Our tools help them persuade investors to talk with them first, and keep the conversation going until the deal closes.

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