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The ultimate investment research and manager selection tools

When we started RFPnetworks in 2012, it was the worlds first cloud-based enterprise application for digitising any investment manager RFP process. Today it is much much more.
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Learn faster

Your dashboard gives you access to 13 asset class feeds covering 35k white papers, updated daily.
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Source wider

Start a scan, screen or search across investment managers globally for private and public markets.
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Evaluate smarter

With bigger datasets and 16 propriety engines, you will find the best investment managers.

Facilitating investor journeys

With bigger data and smarter tools, professional investors are funding the best asset managers. Don't just take take our word for it. Try it yourself. Start Free!
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White Papers

Get smarter faster.
RFPnetworks for Selection
Quantitative & qualitative tools


Proprietary Engines

Power your process.
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Billion Funded

Private & public markets.
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This is how they rated our tools & support
"My team scroll the feeds every day for new ideas. The younger associates love the app as they get to know all the managers fast."
Head of Manager Selection
UK Pension Fund
"The support team is astoundingly fast and very helpful. Awesome app with a great feedback loop."
Global Head of RFP
Top-Tier Global Asset Manager
"We analysed all managers quantitatively & qualitatively in one app. It increased team efficiency. Saved us weeks of unnecessary data collection and administration."
Chief Investment Officer
German Pension Fund
"When we ask for advice on searches and positioning our products in Europe, we get detailed objective answers. They know this business as well as we do. We value their input."
Head of International Sales
U.S. Based Boutique Manager
"We were surprised to uncover managers and track records we could not find in our databases."
Head of Equities
Swiss Insurance Company
"We are big believers in digital marketing and spend a lot of money across all channels. We like RFPnetworks because you don't overcharge, your tools are sophisticated, and what you offer is very different. It impacts results."
Head Digital Marketing - Europe
Mid-Tier Global Asset Manager
Investment Manager Selector Blogs

Optimising teams, process & results

Learn why, how and when asset manager selectors use our tools.
Investment Manger Selection process optimisation depicted by two people with laptops discussing outcomes.
5 min read

Optimising manager selection processes

To digitize, or not to digitize, is the question facing many asset manager selectors. We compare outcomes.
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Agile Investment Manger Selection process depicted by breakdancer on streets of sunny boulevard.
5 min read

Why asset manager selectors work agile

Creating an agile investment manager selection process is easy and raises the performance of your team and portfolio.
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Investment Manger Selector looking for the best asset manager depicted by jigsaw puzzle pieces with one red piece.
5 min read

Issues with investment manager databases

Investment manager databases are not perfect. Here are 5 reasons long lists miss investment managers, and how it can be avoided.
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Investment Manager Use Case

Sell smarter,
Win AuM faster

RFPnetworks is a highly focused, automated, asset raising toolkit for firms that want to reach more investors, markets and opportunities faster.

Asset manager marketing solutions

Our tools get your investment research content in front of the right investors at the right time. You simply track engagement and focus on conversion.

Asset manager sales solutions

Want more investor leads, conversations and mandates? Our tools do the pre-work so you get into deals earlier, start talking and meeting investors.

Exclusive asset manager RFP's

Writing and winning asset manager RFP tenders is both art and science. With our support, tools and tips, increasing your through and win rates is easier.

Corporate asset raising solutions

Our integrated enterprise solution for asset managers takes your asset raising to a whole new level. Push your firm deeper and wider across all markets. Leverage your resources. Elevate your AuM.
Asset Raising Blog

Asset manager asset raising tips

How to build a winning asset raising team
Colourful chameleon depicting adapting asset manager digital marketing strategies on RFPnetworks.
5 min read

Using asset manager SWOT analysis

Here's how to adapt your pitch and enhance win rates.
Read post
Asset Manager digital marketing professional defining strategy on whiteboard.
3 min read

5 ways asset managers win more

There are 5 levers that every asset gatherer needs to use to win AuM.
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Asset manager marketing tools
Asset manager sales tools
Exclusive asset manager RFP's
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Euro Investment Grade Corporate Bond RFP on RFPnetworks depicted by a bottle full of glitter on a pink background.
Managers Responding

Euro IG Corporate Bonds

EUR 200 million
Aug 6, 2024
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US Equity RFP on RFPnetworks depicted by convertible car on shopping street
Managers Responding

U.S. Equities

USD 175 million
Aug 1, 2024
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U.S. High Yield RFP on RFPnetworks depicted by two your entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley
Evaluations started

U.S. High Yield

USD 130 million
Results Expected:
Sep 20, 2024
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