Top 10 Investment Research Trends

These Top 10 investment research trends are based on:

1. The aggregated number of downloads of investment manager research for a specific keyword.

2. The total number of search queries for that specific key word using our investment research search algorithms.

The result is an early signal for portfolio changes and potential new searches. Here are the top 10 trends to watch today.

Top 10 Paper
Hedge Funds

Why Some Market Participants Are Worried About “Zero Day to Expiry” Options Trading

The numbers speak for themselves. The market for short-term options has proliferated during the past year and is now hitting daily notional volumes of US$1 trillion, according to a recent report from J.P. Morgan Global Markets on February 15th. And it isn’t just institutional traders using zero day to expiry (0DTE) call and put strategies. In fact, a growing number of retail investors is also trading them, lured by the opportunity to gain big returns in a small window of time.


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