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Our integrated asset manager marketing tools are designed to help you help your sales and RFP teams generate and win more RFP's.
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Impacting the bottom of the asset raising funnel

Designed by marketers, for marketers. RFPnetworks gives you the guidance, data and innovation you need to make your content impact win rates and AuM.
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How it works

We push your content. Your sales & RFP teams convert the leads.

Our content bots

Our bots scan your designated URLs 24x7 for new content, extract and automatically post in RFPnetworks research feeds.

Our SEO bots

To maximise impressions and engagement, our SEO bots ensure your content gets indexed for specific keywords.

Our search algorithms

When manager selectors search for specific insights, our algorithms ensure your content appears above the fold.

Maximising engagement

We feature your content using omni-channel marketing to create maximum touchpoints along the entire manager selector decision journey.

Maximising win rates & AuM

By pushing your content deep into RFP funnel, the end result is earlier interaction between your sales people and manager selectors, plus maximum win rates for your RFP team.

Overflowing with engagement

Engage with asset manager selectors along their entire decision journey towards funding.

Content engagement stats

Get your content noticed, clicked, read and generating leads. Deep in the decision funnel, where it matters.

Pre-search leads for sales teams

Get into searches before they go live. Start the conversation, shape the outcome and start closing the deal.

Feedback on your RFP

Leverage up to 3 levels of quantitative and qualitative feedback on your RFP responses to raise your win rates.

Corporate Membership

Empower all your sales, marketing and RFP people with the tools they need to position your firm smarter and win AuM.
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Tools focused on you winning AuM

Our tools integrate and focus the efforts of your sales, marketing and RFP teams on engaging asset manager selectors along their entire decision journey. View searches
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Asset Managers

Unparalleled marketing ROI
Asset Raising Blog

Tips on how to raise assets faster

We have supported over $50bn of successfully funded searches. In these blogs we share our insights on what asset managers need to do to raise win rates.
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5 min read

Using asset manager SWOT analysis

Here's how to adapt your pitch and enhance win rates.
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3 min read

5 ways asset managers win more

There are 5 levers that every asset gatherer needs to use to win AuM.
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Client Satisfaction 2023

We asked users for feedback

This is how asset managers rated our tools & support
"The support team is astoundingly fast and very helpful. Awesome app with a great feedback loop."
Global Head of RFP
Top-Tier Global Asset Manager
"We are big believers in digital marketing and spend a lot of money across all channels. We like RFPnetworks because you don't overcharge, your tools are sophisticated, and what you offer is very different. It impacts results."
Head Digital Marketing - Europe
Mid-Tier Global Asset Manager
"When we ask for advice on searches and positioning our products in Europe, we get detailed objective answers. They know this business as well as we do. We value their input."
Head of International Sales
U.S. Based Boutique Manager
Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Manager Marketing

Everything you need to know about pushing your content through RFPnetworks.
What does the marketing plan cost?
The marketing plan price is dependent on your content volumes and the duration of the licence. The more content we capture, position and push, the higher the fee. The marketing plan is priced below typical media channels. It is also targets a much more focused audience. This means the impact of your content and ROI should be significantly higher versus traditional media channels.
Can we use content for specific campaigns?
Absolutely. Content takes a multi-channel approach to positioning your firm, products and people. The result is a highly focused campaign that targets all points along the institutional investor decision makers journey. Our campaigns are designed to get you noticed during initial research and maximise your chances of securing a meeting.
Do we get detailed reporting?
The marketing plan includes access to RFPnetworks Analytics. This is our proprietary engagement reporting portal. It gives you insights, perspectives and views across all your content. You can identify trends, what's working, and capture new ideas for future content.
What differentiates marketing plan from other digital marketing channels?
RFPnetworks is not a classic media company. We are technology company. When we built Funnels we set out create something very different. It has been built with a deep understanding of how institutional investors do research. And how search engines prioritise content. The result is a highly Search Engine Optimised content management system that identifies content reader intent. Using funnels, we can target your content at the right institution at the right time, impact decisions and raise your win rates.
What does the 45min demo cover?
The 45min marketing demo will show you how we ensure your content reaches the right institutions at the right time. We will show you how we map institutional investor intent and capture their clicks at each stage of their decision journey. During the session we will show you live how this works, discuss the options for your firm, and make some objective suggestions.
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