Built on technology. Fueled by data. Driven by innovation.

What we are building at RFPnetworks is revolutionising investment manager research & selection processes.

It would not have been possible without our clients belief in our vision, and our teams unconventional mindset.

RFPnetworks Head Office

Responding to investment manager selectors needs drives our innovation

RFPnetworks was founded in 2012 with a vision to replace the classic toolkit used by investment manager selectors. To build a single application specifically designed for sourcing managers globally, evaluating managers quantitatively and qualitatively, and digitising investment manager selection processes.

With 16 major releases behind us, we have created the ultimate investment manager selection toolkit. RFPnetworks revolves around 12 proprietary engines, each designed to solve for the needs of sophisticated manager selectors and teams. RFPnetworks gives them what they want and need to make smart decisions.



Profesional Investors

80% Europe, 20% Rest of World. Growing faster every day.



Billion Funded

Across all asset classes, fund & separate accounts.



Million in Fees

Won by asset managers, earned every year.



Asset Managers

From specialised boutiques to the largest firms globally.

Awards, Nominations & UX

Investment manager selector UX

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It's like a Tesla for manager selection. Fast and efficient.

Swiss Pension Fund

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The big data sets allowed us to improve on our original shortlist that we made using a standard performance database.

Dutch Pension Fund

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We get everything we need in one place, automatically. It's like having a new virtual team member.

German Pension Fund

Investment manager UX

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We can cover more markets deeper without hiring or opening offices.

Global Head of Sales

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The feedback, support and service we get is awesome.

Global Head of RFP Services

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The marketing tools are 100% focused on the audience we want to target.

Head Institutional EMEA Marketing

Awards & nominations

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Top 20 Dutch Fintech

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10 Most Inspiring CEO's Making A Difference

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Top Picks Best Dutch Big Data Company

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Worldwide Finance Awards

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Benelux Enterprise Awards

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Wealth & Finance International Fund Awards

The Principles Behind Our Innovations

Tech Empowers People

By creating a symbiotic collaboration between humans and machines, each tool we build automates non-value-add tasks.

The result is higher performing individuals who now have more time to focus on the value add tasks that impact their performance.

Data Enriches Decisions

By extending the depth and breadth of data available to our users, they can make smarter decisions.

With more data on more managers, and analytical tools to interrogate that data, decision confidence is maximised.

Connectivity Creates Dialogue

By multiplying the number of engagement channels between investment managers and selectors, new networks are created in a controlled environment.

With more touch points between buyers and sellers of products, mutually beneficial dialogue is generated.

Our Users

Professional Investors

Our tools help professional investors do in-depth asset class research and find the best investment managers globally.

Users by Segment

Pension Funds
Insurance Companies
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Fiduciary Managers, OCIO & Consultants
(Multi) Family Offices
Wealth Managers & Investment Advisors
Professional Fund Selectors

Users by Title

Chief Investment Officers (CIO)
Investment Strategists
Asset Manager Researchers & Selectors
Investment Committee Members
Pension Fund Trustees

Users by Function

Investment & Asset Class Research
Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation
Asset Manager Monitoring
Asset Manager Research & Selection
Investment & Operational Due Diligence
Public Procurement Processes

Investment Management Companies

Our tools empower marketing, sales & RFP teams to impact investors and grow AuM faster.

Digital Marketing Teams

We get your content noticed by the right investors at the right time. Using multi-channel exposure, we ensure investors associate your firm with specific capabilities. Our focus is high quality engagement.

RFP Teams

You can join our free RFP Alerts service. And rely on our team to support you instantly both before and during your participation, and relieve deadline stress.

Sales Teams

Corporate Membership ensures you are leveraging your Digital Marketing & RFP Teams to impact your asset raising success. It's about maximising win rates.

Our Toolkits

Designed for you

Our toolkits are designed for purpose. They give users the tools, data and insights they need to get their job done and achieve their goals faster.