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Learn how to run your investment manager selection process smarter

When you use a traditional RFI/RFP process run with email and a phone, or even worse - a generic web-based tender portal - there is a high probability that you will not end up with the best-in-class asset managers for your portfolio. We see it happen all the time.
In 2012 we set out to change the RFI/RFP game. The result: an enterprise application specifically designed for investment manager selection processes.

Your team, your process, better results

More dynamic
A deep-learning process
More efficient, inclusive and collaborative

Topics covered in 60min virtual demo

Customising research dashboards
How to launch a scan
How to launch a search
Private, open source and public tenders
Quantitative manager evaluation engines
Qualitative manager evaluation engines
Team collaboration engines
Governance and decision trail engines
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