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Institutional Investors & Professional Fund Selectors

Our research feeds will help you follow managers, markets and learn about the latest investment ideas.
Our selection toolkit will help your team source wider, evaluate deeper and find the best investment mangers globally by optimising your process at every step of your decision journey.
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How it works

Facilitating Investor Journeys

RFPnetworks is a proprietary toolkit that helps asset manager selectors make smarter decisions at each step along their investment research and asset manager selection process.
By leveraging more data on more asset managers using our 18 proprietary engines, your team and process and portfolio will outperform.
You will find the best investment managers globally in any asset class, for funds or separately managed accounts, via a private search or public tender process.

Research markets

Our users login daily or weekly to follow markets, managers and capture new investment ideas across 11 asset class feeds.

Source asset managers

Long before a search goes live, our users are identifying the relevant managers for pre-search discussions using our deep dive toolkit.

Evaluate asset managers

Our users can evaluate more managers deeper, using bigger quantitative and qualitative data. Our 18 proprietary engines give users the power to interrogate any data set with multiple views.


Manager selection is a team effort covering both investment and operational due diligence. Our tools bring your team closer, facilitates discussion, and maximises your decision confidence.

Manage knowledge

Automatically create your own proprietary research and selection database that captures all your analysis and decisions for future reference. Ensure the highest level of governance across your organisation, for both regulators and your underlying clients.

Overflowing with useful tools

Designed for every step of your investment manager selection process.

6 research engines

Pinpoint the insights you need, when you need them. Research deeper and create an edge.

6 quantitative engines

Get behind any performance track record to work out what happened, when and why.

6 qualitative engines

Understand the drivers of performance by decoding the team, philosophy, process and firm. Gain absolute insight.

Maximise performance

By sourcing wider and evaluating more managers deeper, your team and process will deliver better portfolio results, faster.
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Client Satisfaction Feedback 2023
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Over 5000 users rely on our tools.

We asked our users for feedback

This is how asset manager selectors rated our tools & support
"My team scroll the feeds every day for new ideas. The younger associates love the app as they get to know all the managers fast."
Head of Manager Selection
UK Pension Fund
"We analysed all managers quantitatively & qualitatively in one app. It increased team efficiency. Saved us weeks of unnecessary data collection and administration."
Chief Investment Officer
German Pension Fund
"We were surprised to uncover managers and track records we could not find in our databases."
Head of Equities
Swiss Insurance Company

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Just your email. We need this to verify that you are a professional investor and setup your account. We don't ask for phone numbers, personal details or credit card information. It's simple and transparent.
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RFPnetworks is designed for professionals working in the investment management industry. For example, at a pension fund, insurance company, OCIO or fiduciary manager, sovereign wealth fund, family office, wealth manager, or investment management company. Registrations by private individuals are disallowed.
Upon registration do I receive lots of marketing emails?
No. Upon registration you only receive system emails that are required to give you access. If you wish to join our product updates and insight blogs, you must sign up for these separately on our site.
Do free users get support?
Yes. We respond in near-real-time to all requests. However, the best way to get started is to book a demo for your team. In the demo we show you all the free and premium tools. We explain how they work, how they are used, and how they impact your results. Just contact support.
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