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April 2022

Is Blockchain A Good Invesment?

Still In Infancy. Developing Fast.

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Blockchain technology is reported to be a strong investment case, especially by Private Equity investment managers. It's application is developing fast.

Investing in Blockchain

Blockchain technology can fundamentally change how economic value is stored, exchanged or even created via market places. Yet the full potential of the application of blockchain technology is still in its infancy.

Gaining exposure to the blockchain technology investment opportunity was initially driven by innovative early stage venture capital driven companies. Typically facilitating a specific application within a niche, albeit potentially global market. But that is changing fast.

As the potential of the technology has become more widely understood, the number of potential applications has also widened. And importantly, the number of investment managers that are identifying innovative private and public companies that provide exposure to the long term potential of blockchain technology has grown substantially.

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