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U.S. Equity

Investment Management RFP
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Search Specification

Indicative Investment:

USD 110 Million


Overdue - Expected 7 Nov


UK Pension Fund


Russell 1000 TR USD

Tracking Error:

2.0 - 6.0

Annualised Alpha Target:

200 basis points p.a.

Investment Process Characteristics:

- This search is to identify an active investment manager for US Equities.
- Your investment process will be driven by fundamental research on companies and sectors.
- We are looking for a manager that picks companies they know 'inside out'.

100% Quant or Systematic-model driven managers, or multi-managers will not be considered.

Portfolio Characteristics:

- The provided benchmark is for reference and comparison purposes only.
- You should be benchmark aware, but not be constrained by this benchmark.
- Opportunities identified outside of the reference benchmark are allowed (no limits).
- A structural mid-cap bias is allowed.
- Style tilts/drift are acceptable, but your portfolio should be characterised as Core (as opposed to only value, or only growth stocks).

Performance Characteristics:

3 Year track record is a hard minimum (as of 30 Apr 2022).

Firm AuM (Hard Minimum):

USD 1 billion

Asset Class AuM (Hard Minimum):


Product AuM (Hard Minimum):


Investment Vehicle:

Separately Managed Account OR Institutional Fund if size is > USD 1bn