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Investment Management RFP
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Search Specification

Indicative Investment:

GBP 100 Million


Results Released


UK Family Office


Average 5% p.a.

Tracking Error:


Annualised Alpha Target:


Investment Process Characteristics:

- We are looking for an unconstrained approach to investing in global financial markets.

- You have the flexibility to invest in any investment category such as Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities etc...

- We have no limitations on investment category, region, country, sector, or sub-investment category (For example: Large Caps, Small Caps, Treasuries, Credit etc...).

- Your process should be simple to explain, structured and repeatable.

- Final responsibility for portfolio decisions relating to the purchase and sale of securities should be clearly identifiable, within your team.

Portfolio Characteristics:

- The portfolio should be designed to take advantage of investment opportunities that arise across a broad range of global financial markets.

- Allocations to investment categories (Equities, Fixed Income, etc...) may change dynamically in accordance with your conviction.

Performance Characteristics:

- Our primary objective is to achieve a minimum average absolute annual return of 5% over a 10 year time horizon.

- Preference will be given to firms that can manage the portfolio to minimize sustained negative performance, especially over any 12 month period. For example, using dynamic asset allocation, hedging techniques etc...

Firm AuM (Hard Minimum):


Asset Class AuM (Hard Minimum):


Product AuM (Hard Minimum):


Investment Vehicle:

Via a Fund or a Segregated Account