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Search Specification

Indicative Investment:

USD 150 Million


Results Released


UK Pension Fund


MSCI Emerging Markets Index (USD)

Tracking Error:

2.0 - 8.0

Annualised Alpha Target:

200 basis points p.a.

Investment Process Characteristics:

- Fundamental bottom-up stock selector, driven by hands-on company research and meetings.
- Stock selection decisions may be supported by your macro, thematic, top-down, region, country and/or sector views.
- ESG risks and opportunities may be taken into consideration in your process. However this is not a search for a pure ESG manager.

- Pure ESG managers will only be considered if all other requirements are met as set out in this specification.
- Pure quantitative driven processes will not be considered, even if they rely on fundamental inputs into their model.
- Multi-managers will not be considered.

Portfolio Characteristics:

- Alpha should primarily be driven by stock selection.
- Country/sector neutrality/deviations versus the index are at the managers discretion.
- Core or Core-Growth strategies only.

- Pure value managers will not be considered.

Performance Characteristics:

- Our focus is on finding a high alpha manager that has the ability to strongly outperform the index over the next 7-10 years.
- Our target is an average of 200 basis points alpha annually over the next 7-10 year period, net of fees.
- Your past track record should prove unequivocally that you are a truly active manager.

- Track records of less than 3 years will only be considered if they have demonstrated periods of strong alpha generation.
- We are not looking for a manager whose target is index performance net of fees over the long term.

Firm AuM (Hard Minimum):

USD 1 billion

Asset Class AuM (Hard Minimum):


Product AuM (Hard Minimum):


Investment Vehicle:

Segregated Account