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Europe Growth

Investment Management RFP
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Search Specification

Indicative Investment:

EUR 175 Million


Results Released


European Pension Fund


MSCI Europe Growth NR EUR

Tracking Error:


Annualised Alpha Target:


Investment Process Characteristics:

Focus on identifying opportunities in quality growth stocks using a systematic or bottom-up fundamental research process.

Or a combination of both.It is important that your process clearly defines what you consider to be a quality growth company, as opposed to a generic growth company.

Portfolio Characteristics:

A structural tilt to quality growth.You are not limited to holding index constituents of the MSCI Europe Growth index.

We do not have a target number of holdings, tracking error limit, or excess return target for this allocation.

Active asset managers only. Passive products will not be considered.

Performance Characteristics:

3 year minimum as of 31 Dec 2021 based on a live track record, from the same team, at the same firm, using a consistent process.

We will not consider track records of less than 3 years, carve outs, model portfolios, or back tests.

Firm AuM (Hard Minimum):


Asset Class AuM (Hard Minimum):


Product AuM (Hard Minimum):


Investment Vehicle:

Separately Managed Account