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Euro Investment Grade Corporate Bonds

Investment Management RFP
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Search Specification

Indicative Investment:

EUR 120 million


Deadline: 29 Nov 2022 22h GMT


German Pension Fund


Bloomberg Barclays Euro Aggregate Corporate Index

Tracking Error:


Annualised Alpha Target:

100 bps p.a.

Investment Process Characteristics:

- Strong coverage of all Euro issuers.
- Expertise in deep credit research.
- Conservatively managed with a focus on minimising downside risk.
- Incorporate ESG factors in the evaluation of issuers (especially for Financials).

Portfolio Characteristics:

- Highly diversified across all sectors.
- Limited large positions versus the benchmark (i.e. a benchmark aware approach).
- Moderate active risk with respect to duration, ratings and subordination versus the benchmark (under/overweights).

Performance Characteristics:

- Limit underpeformance in down markets versus our benchmark.
- 3 year track record as of 30 Sept 2022 - we will not consider shorter track records.
- Target an annualised alpha of 100 basis points over 5 year period.

Firm AuM (Hard Minimum):


Asset Class AuM (Hard Minimum):


Product AuM (Hard Minimum):


Investment Vehicle:

Separate Account