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For Institutional Investors and Fund Selectors, our tools help you do in-depth asset class research and find the best investment managers globally.

For Investment Management Companies, our tools empower marketing, sales & RFP teams to impact investors and grow AuM faster.

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Investment Research & Manager Selection

Tools for Professional Investors

Create an agile, browser based, hybrid working environment, that digitises your team & optimises your process. Research deeper, source wider, and collaborate faster.

Users by Segment

Pension Funds
Insurance Companies
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Fiduciary Managers, OCIO & Consultants
(Multi) Family Offices
Wealth Managers & Investment Advisors
Professional Fund Selectors

Users by Title

Chief Investment Officers (CIO)
Investment Strategists
Asset Manager Researchers & Selectors
Investment Committee Members
Pension Fund Trustees

Users by Function

Investment & Asset Class Research
Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation
Asset Manager Monitoring
Asset Manager Research & Selection
Investment & Operational Due Diligence
Public Procurement Processes
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Digital Marketing, & RFP Alerts

Tools for Investment Managers

Turn content into assets by creating your digital presence at the heart of investor decisions. Participate in RFP opportunities and grow your Assets under Management easier.

For Digital Marketing Teams

We get your content noticed by the right investors at the right time. Using multi-channel exposure, we ensure investors associate your firm with specific capabilities. Our focus is high quality engagement.

For RFP Teams

You can join our free RFP Alerts service. And rely on our team to support you instantly both before and during your participation, and relieve deadline stress.

For Sales Teams

Corporate Membership ensures you are leveraging your Digital Marketing & RFP Teams to impact your asset raising success. It's about maximising win rates.
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Our Story

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Started in 2012, RFPnetworks is a decentralised fintech firm that leverages a network of leading Dutch computer scientists and investment management professionals. Our partnerships extend to over 20 close relationships with experts in their respective fields.

Every year we work together to launch 2 major releases in close co-operation with our global investment management user community. In 1Q23 we will launch RFPnetworks Version 16.

We are still innovating. Helping institutional investors and professional fund selectors make smarter decisions. And investment management companies raise their digital footprint, get noticed and funded.

"We never stop innovating."

Brian Urban, Founder & CEO, RFPnetworks™