Investment Research & Manager Selection Tools

For Institutional Investors, Family Offices & Pro Fund Selectors
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RFPnetworks contains everything professional investors need to outperform. The platform is designed to help teams work together to identify new investment ideas and find the best investment managers.
Our enterprise software and data rooms create a digital decision journey. It helps professional investors follow markets & managers faster, source wider, evaluate deeper, and optimise their process continuously. It integrates, leverages and maximises the performance of your team.

3 Most Used Professional Investor Toolkits inside RFPnetworks


CORE PLATForm for ALL Global Investment Manager Research

The classic toolkit for capturing new investment ideas and following asset managers revolves around your inbox, google and social media. But each of these have serious limitations and were never designed to facilitate Professional Investors preferred workflow.

Our Investment Manager Research Platform contains the world's largest library of asset class research. The tools let investors define what they see, set customised alerts for specific insights, and allow them to run queries that return the exact insights they need.

It is used daily to simply follow markets and managers faster. Users check-in daily or weekly to see what's happening.

It is also used as a core repository for in-depth asset class research, as the basis for writing new investment proposals for presentations and approval by the CIO, Investment Committee, or Board of trustees.

Benefits of One Investment Manager Research Platform

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All The Research You Need

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All The Markets You Follow

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All The Tools You Require

Access all Professional Investment Manager Research

The world's largest asset class research database.

For Institutional Investors & Professional Fund Selectors



The classic toolkit for investment manager selection processes revolves around email, word, excel, shared folders and investment manager & fund performance databases. This creates a disjointed process plagued by inefficiencies and lots of manual work.

Our Investment Manager Selection infrastructure digitises your team and your process. It creates a seamless sourcing, evaluation and collaborative decision journey that maximises knowledge and governance. You will find the best investment managers in any asset class.

It is used by investment manager selection teams that have limited searches each year. Or lack the resources or budget to purchase expensive investment manager and fund performance databases, or don't need investment consultants. It helps them manage their search, time and get the job done smarter

Our infrastructure automatically captures all the data on all the managers in one browser based application. Together with 9 proprietary quantitative and qualitative engines, investment manager selectors can evaluate more managers deeper en route to their short list.

Benefits of Digital Investment Manager Tender Infrastructure

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All Data On All Investment Managers Globally

Investment Decision Maker on RFPnetworks depicted by head icon

9 Quantitative & Qualitative Evaluation Engines

Asset Gathers on RFPnetworks depicted by wifi signal icon

Browser Based for Hybrid Working & Team Collaboration

Find the Best Investment Managers in any Asset Class

Your search with more data, power & control.

For Institutional Investors & Professional Fund Selectors

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For OCIO, Fiduciary Managers & Investment Consultants

The largest OCIO, Fiduciary Managers and Investment Consultants typically have access to investment manager and fund performance databases and various tools. They also have teams that perform research on the global investment manager universe. The challenge is creating a cost-efficient investment manager research machine that maximises team productivity and outperformance for their clients.

Our Enterprise Solutions leverage the entire platform inside RFPnetworks. It creates a browser-based workplace where knowledge is managed and dynamically updated. It  lets large firms create their own proprietary database of investment manager data, team insights and ratings.

Enterprise Solutions creates a new generation of investment manager selection teams. It lets them embrace agile working practices and source wider than standardised investment manager & fund performance databases. It lets them go deeper into every asset class and investment manager than is possible with the classic toolkit of the past 20 years.

By raising team efficiency, productivity and decision quality, OCIO, Fiduciary Managers and Investment Consultants can deliver better outcomes for their clients at a fraction of the cost. Our Enterprise Solutions help them raise their firms profitability at a time when fees trend downwards and the competitor landscape gets tougher.

Benefits of Enterprise Solutions

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Increase Team Efficiency & Productivity

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Increase Performance for Client Portfolios

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Increase Firm Profitability by Embracing Agile

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Started in 2012, RFPnetworks is a decentralised fintech firm that leverages a network of leading Dutch computer scientists and investment management professionals. Our partnerships extend to over 20 close relationships with experts in their respective fields.

Every year we work together to launch 2 major releases in close co-operation with our global investment management user community. In 1Q23 we will launch RFPnetworks Version 16.

We are still innovating. Helping institutional investors and professional fund selectors make smarter decisions. And investment management companies raise their digital footprint, get noticed and funded.

"We never stop innovating."

Brian Urban, Founder & CEO, RFPnetworks™